General Counseling


Life as a lesbian is exciting and wonderful, but unfortunately it can also bring some problems of its own.

• I’m in love with a woman for the first time - what now?

• How can I find out if I even am a lesbian?

• How can I confide in others? - I'm afraid of rejection

• How do I find contact with other lesbians?

• What can I do if my family won’t accept my sexual orientation?

• My relationship ended - how can I live without my partner?

• What can I do if there is an argument in my relationship?

• What steps can I take if I am being discriminated against in the workplace because of my sexual orientation?

We’re here for you to help you with these and other difficulties that lesbians encounter in everyday life.


Our lesbian/bisexual counselors offer individual and couples counseling on a wide variety of topics and life situations, either as a one-time session or in a re-occurring setting.


Of course, we are also happy to advise you on the phone or through mail.

The consultations take place in a protected atmosphere, is subject to confidentiality and, if desired, can be carried out anonymously.


Our advice is free of charge, but we are happy about a donation.

Our offer is aimed at all cis, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer girls and women of all ages who live as a lesbian, and at everyone who is looking to discover their sexual identity.

Inquiries from friends, supporters, family members and specialists are also welcome.

The consultations will take place at Blumenstrasse 29, 80331 Munich, 2nd floor (entrance located in the inner courtyard).