Specialist Consultation/ Expert Talks/ Advanced Training

Working with lesbian women and girls, with gay boys and men and/or with rainbow families often poses special challenges for professionals. The reasons for this can be a lack of knowledge or uncertainty.

We can help and support you and your company by passing on our knowledge. This way, you can develop an expert toolkit as well as standards and strategies.


Our colleagues will support you with information and provide you with contact points and contact persons for specialist consultation.

Through expert discussions with your team, we resolve open questions and discuss how to best deal with clients, their families and other visitors. In addition, we will explore the question of how you can anchor your open-mindedness towards the concerns of lesbian clients or contacts in your public relations strategy.

Our advanced training* provides basic knowledge about same-sex lifestyles. In addition, we will work out together how you can integrate the topic into your work environment, thus developing an adequate and professional approach for you and your employees.


*The advanced training "Basic knowledge on same-sex lifestyles" has a modular structure and can therefore be individually adapted to your needs. We organize these seminars for publci institutions as well as private companies. The training courses are carried out in cooperation with employees of the counseling centers for lesbians and gays in Munich, LeTRa, Sub e.V. and the coordination center for same-sex lifestyles of LH Munich. This guarantees a high professional standard. At the event you will also receive an information folder from us, which includes detailed background information.



Training contents


• Basic topics that are being conveyed in all training courses:

Phase model on the topic of coming out as well as the topics of experiences of discrimination and homophobia

• Target group-specific topic(s) (selected specifically for the target group):

• Youth

• Elderly gays and lesbians

• Rainbow families

• Migration

• International situation for gays and lesbians

• Civil Partnership Act

• Life situations and couple dynamics of same-sex couples

• Lesbians and gays with disabilities

• Living situation of lesbian and gay asylum seekers in Germany

• Change of perspective: Participants in the training take on the predefined identity of a gay or lesbian

• Case studies (from experiences or fears of the participants and their field of work)

• Information: contact points inside and outside of our social space, recommended specialist literature