Coming Out Group

Coming out - what actually is that?

“I am different” - this is the realization many lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women are confronted with when they first come out. Knowing and acknowledging one's own sexuality is one dimension of the coming out – talking about it with family, friends or at work is another. In fact, the coming out never stops, because in a heteronormative environment, lesbian women will repeatedly be confronted with the decision of whether or not to be open about their identity.

Our Coming Out Group

During the coming out, certain difficulties and questions can arise:

• Am I really a lesbian?

• I don't know anyone else in my situation.

• I have certain prejudices or ideas about lesbians.

• I am afraid of rejection or discrimination.


A community can ease some of these burdens. That is why our coming out group gives you the confidence to go your own way. Meetings with women in a similar situation take place over the coure of ten evenings, during which you can ask questions and conquer fears. The group is led by two social workers.


Who can participate?

All women are welcome

• who want to find out for themselves whether they are lesbian, bi or straight

• who have been a lesbian for a long time, but still have questions about their lesbian identity

• who want to deal with the topics around their coming out

• no matter the age

If you have any questions about coming out or are interested in the coming out group, simply contact LeTRa by phone 089/725 42 72 or email You can find more information in our flyer.