Refugee Lesbians

In some regions of the world, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, non-binary and other queer people face discrimination, violence and fear of death. Some of them seek refuge in Germany from this hopeless situation. These people (and possibly their children) are often deeply traumatized and need help from an expert. Our lesbian counseling center LeTRa has been providing counceling and support for lesbian and bisexual women* (inter*cis*trans) and non-binary persons during and after the asylum procedure since 2010 in all matters, depending on their individual needs and background.

We help the often severely traumatized women and people with psychosocial counseling and support them through professional case management in the asylum process. In order to enable them to lead a self-determined life as quickly as possible, we provide practical everyday help and build bridges to the local LGBTQ+ community. Last but not least, we share some of their stories with the public and, with their help do everything we can to improve their current living conditions and the conditions in their countries of origin.


Contact persons at LeTRa:

Sara Schmitter is the contact person for psychosocial counseling and therapy


089 9982959 31


Julia Bomsdorf is the contact person for public relations and donations: