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Donate to LesCommunity e.V.

LesCommunity e.V. is the sponsoring association for the lesbian counseling center LeTRa, the specialist training center, the LeTRa center and the specialist and counseling center for rainbow families.


As one of the four organising associations, LesCommunity e.V. is partially responsible for the annual organisation and implementation of the Pride Week event CSD Munich.


LesCommunity e.V. is one of the founding donours of the Munich Rainbow Foundation and holds a seat on the foundation's advisory board.

The LesCommunity e.V. is a member of the Munich Alliance for Tolerance.


With the help of your donation, LesCommunity e.V. can take on and accomplish these and other important tasks.


Donations to the association also help ensure that the state capital of Munich continues to provide the only professional psychosocial lesbian counseling center in all of Bavaria.


Donations that are earmarked to the LesCommunity e.V. with the keyword "Refugee Aid" are used entirely for lesbian refugees. (more under "Support for Lesbian Refugees")


According to the notification of exemption from the Munich Tax Office - Corporations Department from April 24th, 2019, LesCommunity e.V. is non-profit, meaning that your donation is tax-deductible!


Any amount is welcome and supports our work!

Thank you very much for your support.