The german conversation course is back again!


German Conversation Course

A cooperation of LeTRa and Sub


Do you want to meet other lesbian, gay, bi, trans* and inter* expats and refugees?

Do you want to practice speaking German together with a fun group of other queers?

Do you want to get to know Munich’s LGBT*I*Q scene better?


We meet twice a week, beginning on the 20th of September

(joining at a later point is also possible)

MONDAY: 7.30 pm, LeTRa-Zentrum, Angertorstraße 3

THURSDAY: 7.30 pm, Sub, Müllerstraße 14


Participation fees are between 50,- and 80,-€ depending on your possibilities. Refugees, students and unemployed participants don’t have to pay these fees.


Signing up is possible with Andreas Langhammer from September on:

For any further questions, feel free to contact Johanna von Winning: