Lesbian Migrants

Lesbian migrants are often exposed to double stigmatization, i.e. on the one hand, homosexuality is not accepted in many cultures of origin and cannot be addressed. On the other hand, they also experience ignorance and discrimination through the local lesbian and gay scene, because there is a tendency of little attention being paid to someone’s ethnic background when it comes to the question of identity around homosexuality, meaning that there are still few intercultural and other specific offers for lesbian migrants.

Unfortunately, German lesbians and gays are also shaped by the values ​​of the predominant culture and therefore not free from racism towards migrants. For example, some migrants feel out of place in two ways - they are not at home in their community of origin because there is no acceptance of homosexuality and they are not at former home country, but neither can they feel at home in the lesbian/gay community because the issue of migration is lacking attention and thought.