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Here is the login for people who are already registered  

You want to register for online counseling for the first time? All information about online counseling and the link to register can be found here. Unfortunately, most information is currently only available in german. We're working on translation. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for support.

From December 1, 2020 we also offer video counseling, for this please send an email to beratung@letra.de or call 089/99 82 95 930

Terms of usage

The following steps are necessary to use the online service:
Choosing a user name (nickname) and a password.
Secure storage of the user name and password, as both are required for each login.
The specification of an e-mail address is voluntary. Through this you will only receive an automatic notification e-mail when your consultant has answered you - not the actual answer. But: only with an e-mail address the "forgotten password" function works. If no email address is provided and a password is lost, we need to legitimize you as the account holder, please send an email to info@letra.de.

Limits of online counseling
Online counseling does not replace psychotherapy.
Sometimes there are situations where immediate help is needed. Immediate help cannot be provided by online counseling. In such cases, the psychiatric crisis service or other psychiatric institutions, or emergency telephone numbers on site can help. An overview of all Munich numbers can be found here.
Important: In the case of acute danger to others or to oneself, we are subject to the legislative requirements with regard to the elements of the crime (§ 323c StGB - Failure to render assistance) and may be liable to prosecution if we do nothing after a corresponding announcement. In such a case, we see ourselves forced to involve the authorities.
Behavior against the rules around online counseling has to be reported to the police.

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