LeTRa mission statement

LeTRa stands for Lesben (T)Raum, a wordplay between the german words for “dream” and “space” and is a safe space for lesbians that was a dream turned reality, including a counseling center, meeting point and event location. The space at Angertorstrasse 3 contains the core of LeTRa, while the administrative office and advice center are located at Blumenstrasse 29.


The active co-women (“Mitfrauen”) and the full-time employees are the two parts of the board and responsible for the organisation. The various offers are also supported by committed volunteers and the passive co-women of the association.

LeTRa is an institution sponsored by the association "LesCommunity e. V..". This organisation is located within the umbrella organisation of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Landesverband Bayern e. V., as an independent, social organisation. The association LesCommunity e. V. is non-profit and is funded by the support of the municipality of Munich, as well as donations and contributions from its co-women.


LeTRa is committed to changing and improving social conditions that range from stigma, ignorance and secrecy to discrimination and violence against lesbians. LeTRa is an institution that emerged from the autonomous women's lesbian movement. Therefore, LeTRa understands lesbian ways of life in a social context of power relations along with constructs around gender, ethnicity, race, class, education, age, physical and mental abilities, as well as an individual way of life.


Our actions are shaped by a feminist-lesbian attitude, meaning that we are committed to equality between women and men. Our basic attitude is based on the vision of visibility, equality and free development of lesbian and queer ways of life on the basis of an egalitarian and democratic society without exclusion.


Our basic humanistic attitude is anti-discriminatory, anti-racist and anti-fascist, meaning that we advocate for recognition, respect and appreciation in coexistence. We promote solidarity among lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans*, intersexual, queer and heterosexual people; People with differing abilities and limitations; People regardless of their cultural, religious background and geographical origin.

mission statement (in german)

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